Johan Coached

Linux Command Line Course
Learn 50 commands in just 1 hour!

Quick Linux command line course.

This course is for beginners. This course is not for experienced Linux administrators. For anyone who wants to be able to work with a Raspberry PI from the command line. For everyone who wants to master the terminal commands of his/her ubuntu, debian, mint or kali.

Student Experience Focused

Become a Linux super user. I am trying to give the student great value during the course. There is a Q&A platform. The course includes multiple-choice questions. After this course you are able to work with Linux and know the basic commands, a step-stone to becoming an administrator.

Great training

It would be great if you could give me a review at the end of the course and stars if you like the course. You can skip the review at the beginning so you will be able to review honestly at the end of the course.